Stainless steel update news on 2020 December

[51 Stainless Steel] Foshan Market News, December 7th, at the beginning of the new week, there was an opportunity for the market to rise last Saturday. Today, despite the general performance of Lun Nickel, stainless steel futures are still online, and the market also performed well in standardized transactions. The overall price still maintains a steady and rising situation. Of course, the price polarization continues to increase, and the transaction is also the same, some special prices, some enchanting, 304 and some standard spreads have gone to 500, and 201 also has a maximum spread of 200. Prices in the rolling market are chaotic, and some people don't know how to quote prices. If they say they have risen, but only some specifications continue to chase higher, if they have not risen, the atmosphere is a bit different; the big entanglement is still 201, and Qingshan's futures have been delayed. There are boots on the ground, but there are not many stocks in the market, and the major steel mills are almost in the contract, but they dare not take too much risk in the future. After all, the space that can be tossed in 201 is limited, so everyone is waiting and testing. Let the out-of-stock market continue.

In terms of hot rolling, some supplementary gains were made today, and some 201 origins were tentatively increased by 20-30. However, the transaction is still the subject of bargaining. The overall market atmosphere is slightly better than last week, but it lacks some more favorable support; while 304 hot rolling is hot and cold The price difference is still not obvious, and new breakthroughs are still needed for hot and cold!

How stable today's 430 quotes are. Of course, some of them also made up for the low in the weekend's volatility, but the transaction may still match the theme!

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